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Posted by on December 14, 2011 in Class with 3 Comments

Well….we are still working on the tail of this airplane. My group is 2 guys right out of high school and another younger guy who works alot and frequently sleeps during class. Everyone is watching us and I think there are bets that we will never finish. Whenever the instructor comes around I always tell him we are turning it into a boat– I figure it should be alot easier to get something to float than to make it airworthy (able to fly). The other day he stopped and said, “How about we call it a ship instead?”  Get it, ship, as in airship? I think I joke around too much as another one of my classmates said, “how do you know Matt is lying? His lips are moving.”  So the big joke now is that whenever I say something, they say, “Matt……is that true” and then often I have to hang my head.

We have been attending the Apostolic Christian Church in Alto Michigan. Although it is located out in the country, there are many neighbors. Another guy and myself have been going door to door over the last few weeks to find out what the spiritual needs are of the community. We have approached it in a survey manner– “do you attend church anywhere now? how often, etc?” If they don’t attend somewhere regularly, we ask them what God would have to do to get them more interested in worshipping Him on a regular basis. We have been blessed and are learning alot about the neighborhood and spending much time in prayer for hurting people. 

Here are some more pictures from class. Don’t tell my wife, but the first picture is one of me ironing….yes, ironing the fabric. this makes it shrink and takes the wrinkles out. PS, I also sewed one day but we will not talk about how that went. 

Middle picture is after we put the glue or dope on. Bottom picture is us spraying more dope on. We are priming it tomorrow and hopefully will put the paint coat on before Christmas (but don’t hold your breath).



dan on December 15, 2011

I want to know the responses to your question what could god do to get them to worship him- it looks like your building my challenger

Matt on December 17, 2011

mostly they say "uh.....nothing. or I haven't really thought about that". We have had a few that say they haven't been to church for a long time so our prayer is that the visit will encourage them to think about God more that day and hopefully jog their memory about how Great He is. Merry Christmas.

Dan on December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to all your family - so how do you get people to think about what happens to them at the end of life I want to tell you about our new church - we started a 18 months ago with 50 belivers and we now have 460 - go to the website - play the winter rose for christmas music - they even let me sing

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