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A message from Jaelah

Posted by on February 18, 2012 in kids with no comments, please leave one

Hi everybody! It’s me again! Happy late Valentines day! Every year on Valentines day me and my family all get up early (sometimes) and have a big family breakfast together! Oh, its so much fun! And here’s the most coolest part of all! My mom gets for all of us kids m&m candy thingy’s! Mmmm mmmm good! The m&m’s are even red,pink, light pink,and white! Also next weekend (today is feb 18) our funny aunt Faith is coming up not nescerially to see us but are church’s bible class is inviting people from I think maybe somewhere near Bloomington to come up and spend the weekend with them and have some fun! So yay she’s not nescerially comig up to see us but I hope that she’ll stop by at are house while she’s here b/c she’s never actually been up here to see it yet. Well I petter go put away some dishes for Mariah now! Hope I can write back soon! Bye for now!  Love to all!


                                                                                                                                                             Jaelah Eden

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