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Posted by on December 22, 2012 in Class with 1 Comment

Visas are in hand. Tickets are purchases for leaving Bloomington IL on January 8th. We will then be enrolled in language school for at least 9 months. The language school has found an apartment for us (small 3 bedroom, they say). It is on the 4th floor, but he said it overlooks a park so the kids are excited to have some grass. We will be located in the city of Campinas (outside of Sao Paulo). Thank you all for all the prayers said, God is moving as He finishes up what needs to get done the next 2 weeks before we leave!



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Ray and Marcia Bauer on December 27, 2012

You are definitely in our prayers Matt and Janelle! We know God is so faithful in every step, every delay and will continue to be with you. (Matt, Ray was so glad to see Elsie's posted picture of the house you will eventually live in. At least it is not a grass hut!! lol)! We love you guys!!

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