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Posted by on May 1, 2018 in Brazil with 3 Comments

Some of you may know that Matt was in an accident yesterday with the floatplane. He had flown a pastor to some river communities to minister over the weekend.  They were on their way back and needed to land because a storm was coming. When they were coming in to land the motor quit and they had to land in some trees.  Matt is ok, unfortunately the pastor broke his femur. Prayers are greatly appreciated for that because it is normally a long recuperation.  Genivaldo, the pastor, has been working in these communities for 15 years—please pray also that he would not be discouraged and that this would be used for God’s glory.  (Romans 8:28) I guess Matt’s ok and not too scared to fly because he got back in another ultralight to come back to Santarem 🙂 (he was about 2 hours away by plane so we were thankful that a pilot friend was available to go pick him up)  

The Rebel the day before the accident. Parked at a community.

The Rebel the day before the accident. Parked at a community.

And then the accident

And then the accident

upside down.

upside down.

After removing it from the jungle

After removing it from the jungle


Matt always wanted an open cockpit.....

Matt always wanted an open cockpit…..


and those floats he was so proud of. well... he's got a lot of work to do again....

and those floats he was so proud of. well… he’s got a lot of work to do again….

*Huge, huge praise that the guys survived the accident, and with just cuts & bruises other than the broken femur—recognizing that that will take a little longer but with time will heal and we pray will not have any permanent effects

*For Pastor Genivaldo—quick, uncomplicated healing and encouragement. We are thankful he was able to be taken to a major city hospital yesterday where he can receive highly skilled care.

*The area around Matt’s right eye is purple and swollen. He was checked out at a small hospital near the crash site yesterday but we are going to have a CT scan done here in Santarem today thanks to a doctor/pilot that Matt knows who arranged it all for him—not a small feat, especially given that it is a Brazilian holiday today and everything is closed.  He also has a sprained ankle.

*Matt is supposed to leave tomorrow morning to travel to Atlanta, GA for his sister Faith’s wedding this weekend.  Prayers appreciated especially for comfort during his long flight.

*As we wade through the details of getting the plane removed from the forest, that things would move forward in an uncomplicated manner.  The plane is more or less destroyed—crushed wing, bent float, etc. –prayers appreciated for deciding the next steps in terms of what is salvageable and/or how do we replace it. 


We want to especially thank all of you who pray for us, whether on a regular basis or once in awhile—we fully believe the outcome was as good as it was thanks to the power of prayer.  I got emotional this morning listening to a message from a fellow Brazilian missionary pilot in another part of the Amazon.  He had prayed for Matt and mission aviation yesterday morning during his mission group’s prayer time—just about the time that Matt and Genivaldo were involved in the accident.

God is so good and we praise Him…and fully recognize that even if the outcome had been worse…He is still good, and worthy of our praise!!

Love to all,




Lindsay Childers on May 4, 2018

Janelle, praying for the situation. Praise God, everyone lived! Keeping you close to our hearts in Champaign, IL.

Cheryl Snead on May 4, 2018

We send you our prayers and we give God all the glory and we thank him for his wonderful kindness and mercy. I want to talk to my husband about supporting your family financially. Please send me some information. Much love Dwayne and Cheryl Snead

Tom Steidinger on May 4, 2018

Matt and all please remember God allows things to happen to see if our faith in Him is true, and we know it is. Just pray that the answer can be found why the engine died, hoping Satan was not using a helper of his to bring it down so the word could be stopped from going out.Thanks for your work.

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