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Refrigerio (Refreshing)

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A leadership group from the US was here a few months ago. During their time spent here, we spent many hours discussing what is the role of Amazon Salt and Light (the US mission) in advancing the Gospel here in the Amazon Basin. We felt God telling us to focus on two main areas;  taking […]

May 2019- US Team

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Last week we had our first team from the United States! Five men from Illiniois and Indiana, including two pastors, arrived on Monday the 6th.  Another mission based in Manaus, with an experimental plane that seats 8 people, was able to bring the team directly to Humaita from Manaus. This was a huge time saver […]

March 2019

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This week has been like no other. Janelle left last Saturday with Mariah to the United States. Janelle had gotten a thyroid biopsy done right before coming back to Brazil in January. The results came back “strongly suspicious for malignancy” so rather than start all the exams over again here, we decided it was probably […]

March- Supervision Trip

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We live on the Madeira River. Madeira means “wood” in Portuguese. Some say it is because there are so many trees lining the riverbanks. Others say because there are so many trees, branches, and tree trunks floating down the river. Five hours (by speedboat) downriver are two Brazilian families living in the village of Auxiliadora. […]

Do you know how to read?

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Two Saturdays ago Matt, Mariah, Jaelah, Frank & Samires (the girls’ new neighbor friend) took an afternoon trip out to Neguinho do Acai’s house to perform the cell group that they have been having there every Saturday. Arriving there, they were warmly received by him, his wife, and his 4 daughters. After chatting for a […]

the move

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We are about a week away from Luke and I heading back to Brazil. Three of the Brazilian missionaries have been in Humaita (the city we are moving to) last week going out on the river. They have already made some great contacts (a nurse that has an outpost many hours from the city), visited […]

Humaita- road trip

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Last month at 4:30 one morning seven guys left Santarem to “spy” out the land for our move next year. We drove over 1800 miles– mostly dirt. Two river trips allowed the Brazilian missionaries to experience the river culture in another state. Two families (including us) will live in the city of Humaita along with […]

Bearhawk- transformation

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After much prayer and consultation, the mission gave the go-ahead to purchase some amphib floats for the 4-place Bearhawk. This occurred last fall. The floats were finished (in Canada) and shipped to Brazil in March. They arrived in April, and of course were delayed in customs. Almost to the day they were liberated, the truckers […]

Latest aviation project

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One major headache I’ve encountered while living in Brazil was the importation of some aluminum floats. We asked for much prayer and after thousands of dollars and 18 months of waiting they confiscated them. HOWEVER we were able to purchase them “back” at an auction (I know if sounds frustrating, but this is Brazil). I […]

Recent flight

Posted by on September 14, 2017 in Brazil with 1 Comment

If you’ve read the book about the mission (Sunrise on the Amazon) or heard us talk about the mission, then you’ve probably heard of Pastor Nilton. He co-founded the mission (as an 18 year old) with Luke Huber. He is now 60 years old, still doing the same thing- pastoring churches in the Amazon Basin. […]