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Some people enjoy change.  I, unfortunately, am not one of those people.  Then again, I do LOVE the changing of the seasons. Absolutely love it.  And not just spring, with new life coming out of the dead brown left from last fall–green grass, daffodils, tulips!!, beautiful flowering crab trees, hearing the birds chirp in the […]


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It has been a fun week. We were given an alternator that had been pulled out of a wreck and was therefore marginal and in some cases severely damaged. Here are the pieces and the final painted project. The most amazing thing of all….it worked when I got it back together!   I also took […]

God’s will

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As always, God continues to teach me new things. One thing God has been challenging me with is praying “Thy will be done”. If you are like me, this has been “tacked on” to the end of your prayers. We pray want we think is best, but then since we don’t know the future (and often […]