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Finally took pictures off the camera…(part 2)

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Jaelah’s birthday in April… Luke holding his newest cousin Kieran.  Nice to know he can sit still long enough and be gentle enough to hold a baby–he actually really likes babies. The fantastic group of girls I’ve studied the Bible with over the last 9 years…we met up in Chicago one Saturday for some shopping […]

Finally took pictures off the camera… (part 1)

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so now I will do a 5 month review in picture form 🙂  We celebrated Mariah’s birthday in January (her cake is a flower made of cupcakes–no I am not that creative, her idea and someone else made it). We had a very light winter here, the most snow we had was maybe 5 or […]

Engine teardown

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Our engine is now in pieces. I am thankful for my partners because whenever I take something apart and re-assemble it, there are usually alot of extra pieces. I kept asking my instructor when we could start “tearing it apart” and he would continue to correct me saying, “you are going to carefully dismantle it”. […]


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Another quote from my Perspectives class. “History has shown throughout the ages, whenever the Kingdom advanced, someone first had to pay a terrible price” Phil Butler, Interdev This quote so accrately describes the mission we are going with, ProjectAmaZon. In 1976 (the year I was born!), Luke and Christine Huber started the mission. The early […]