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Here is a timeline of rebuilding our engine. This is the last major project before graduation. Here is the engine as we start putting pieces back into the crankcase.  On the left (shiny disc) is the end which the propeller attaches to. The long round shaft running the length is the crankshaft.   Once we […]


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  Guess what I did this weekend? 🙂

He Passed!!

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Matt passed his checkride so I am now married to a Commercial Pilot 🙂 Praise God!

Engine inspections

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We are cleaning inspecting, cleaning and fixing parts. Here are the pistons:     Here are some of the tools we have been using: We have been grinding the valves to make them “seat” better. This gives the engine better compression which means it will burn fuel more efficiently and give you more power. Here […]

Jaelah – bike ride with dad

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Hi everyone! This is Jaelah again. On Mother’s Day me and Mariah and Dad took a bike ride to a dirt road a mile out of town and so that means we rode 2 miles, in only one day! there and back. I also rode a bike that was to small for me and so the next morning when I […]