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Jaelah’s story: Unknown Riches

Posted by on January 25, 2013 in kids with 2 Comments

This is Jaelah. I read this story in my Reading book in school and it really moved me!  I shared it with my family during devotions and decided to put in on here too since you are all my family in Christ! “I wish we weren’t so poor” grumbled Eddie, as he watched Mother stir […]

Arrival- Janelle’s version

Posted by on January 16, 2013 in Janelle with no comments, please leave one

This is Janelle, even though it says Matt as the author (he would never write this much), so…if you are really interested, keep reading, this will be long, and a bit sarcastic at points, so if sarcasm bothers you I apologize in advance. We left Bloomington at 4:15 in the afternoon Wed. the 8th.   […]

On the ground…

Posted by on January 11, 2013 in Class,kids with 4 Comments

Well not really, since we are on the 9th floor of an apartment building :). Well its been a long time since I wrote something so I thought I would since we are in Brazil of course! I am also putting on some pictures of our apartment. They aren’t the best but I hope u […]

Free and easy down the road I go….

Posted by on January 2, 2013 in Janelle with no comments, please leave one

Poor Matt….” Pair of boots and a sack of clothes”…that was him to a T before we got married (literally-a brown paper sack from the local grocery store).  Same attitude, but now he’s packing along 5 extra people and 12+ suitcases to Brazil… 🙂 Packing is going….ho hum…well, it’s going.  Not my favorite thing to […]