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Posted by on April 19, 2014 in Class with no comments, please leave one

Just a few pictures about our life over the last few days. Luke’s chicken trap– no haven’t caught anything…..yet. Went to a restaurant on Sunday. We had……fish.  Because the previous motor on the airplane rotated the opposite direction, they had mounted the tail fin offset (ok, ok, I know some of your eyes are starting […]

On the ground…

Posted by on January 11, 2013 in Class,kids with 4 Comments

Well not really, since we are on the 9th floor of an apartment building :). Well its been a long time since I wrote something so I thought I would since we are in Brazil of course! I am also putting on some pictures of our apartment. They aren’t the best but I hope u […]

Moving / Packing / Goodbyes

Posted by on December 29, 2012 in Class with 1 Comment

Tonite we moved out of the rental house and into my parents basement. Last night janelle went to my sister’s with Mariah’s friends for one last sleepover and to celebrate Mariah’s birthday which will occur the day we arrive in Sao Paulo. I packed up our beds, dressers, and other borrowed furniture last night with […]


Posted by on December 22, 2012 in Class with 1 Comment

Visas are in hand. Tickets are purchases for leaving Bloomington IL on January 8th. We will then be enrolled in language school for at least 9 months. The language school has found an apartment for us (small 3 bedroom, they say). It is on the 4th floor, but he said it overlooks a park so […]


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Brazil– here we come!  Praise our Mighty God. We just heard our visas have been granted. We don’t know yet how long until they arrive back in the States, but we are bouncing off the walls right now!!   the Steidingers

Update on visa status

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After frantically getting documents notarized, authenticated, etc during our training in Colorado (thanks to wonderful people in Michigan and my dad driving 4 hours on a last minute request), we had all the documents complete and accepted on October 1st. Whew, we thought what a relief. Well now, more that 2 months later it seems […]

Do I believe His Word??

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I have always tried to live my life with “no regrets”. I pray that His word would be so powerful and real in my life, that I could live every hour this way. “There once was a father who lost his job and had to move his wife and small children into a shack. When […]

Pray, pray, pray

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We applied for our visas!  We are believing we will get them back on Oct 9. This will be a miracle, without a doubt. II Chronicles 16:9. Please pray with us, Jumping up and down, waving your arms and hollering, pointing to us, that we are here for Him to see us and show Himself […]


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On thursday, August 9, I took my last written test and received my aviation mechanic’s license–Yea! Friday was graduation and “good bye” to the class and instructors. Sunday was a farewell picnic put on by our wonderful church family that we’ve come to love over the last year. I have been helping at the local […]

MAF- Pilot Technical Evaluation

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A couple weeks ago, our group got our engine running and so our instructor asked us to work on another engine.  It had been running rough so after a few days of tweaking, we had it sounding beautiful.  After lunch one day he asked us to run it once more just to make sure everything […]